Prairie Haifeng Wyatt

I was up at about 7am on my Monday in Malaysia, 21 Mar 2022. I had been thinking about Fei the night before as it's about 10 days after I chatted online with her where I was informed.. "Due date is 3/21/22 but who knows what that means! Will expect her anywhere from mid March to early April." 

I wanted to message her before I went to bed the night before but it would be too early in her morning in LA to respond so I waited till morning and messaged Christopher first as he should be more available if she was in labor! Then I checked her messenger and saw her message below:

Well I interpreted 'Social Media' as Facebook and not my blog journal unless I share it there so I started this post to give a link to my senior family members who are not in Social Media or active like I am!

Got this later sent by Papa with the note, "Getting everyone tucked in for their first night together" and my reply was "Sweet!" 

Two more pics came later and that's when my tears of joy started flowing uncontrollably! 
My response to Christopher...

My journal today is a sample of how I've been able to explain 'Human Consciousness', at least of my own, through my journals started at age 21, to record forward as well as backwards shared at a starting point here.

Here is Christopher's photo with Prairie shared on Facebook to be informed by Fei I can now publicly share this journal today dated 22 Mar 2022 in Malaysia! 

I had to be slowed down to share my journal link to Facebook as MrOPT.Me  just works too fast in the social media world as one who started blogging in 2005 due to the mother of this baby noted here.

Click the blue Facebook icon above for more pics like the one below:

Gadget and I in our younger days when I could visit LA as the first stop in the US during my business trips there such as this one.

Week 1 photos

Week 2 photos

With all the excitement of welcoming Prairie, only by end of the day, after posting all of the above, I get a spiritual prompting that I must not forget that Grandma had a spiritual part to play in this whole event! Check here for details.

Thanks Mom for reminding me, "Mr.Forgetful" always ya? haha We're all so happy for Fei indeed, family and friends!

3 Apr 2022
Ray the youngest in our family will be one of the first, as Su & Han, are also heading to Los Angeles to meet Prairie!

At the Singapore Changi airport: Farewell and all the best to Ray heading to BYU Idaho for his university program, from Family & Friends! 

Arrived safely at Los Angeles Airport to be with Su in the pic!

He was one of the early ones to get to carry Prarie in the family!

Happy 60th Birthday to Mom & Grandma today
4 Apr 2022 in Kuala Lumpur

7 April 2022 USA time of 4pm for family Zoom meeting scheduled at 7am Malaysia time on 8 April!

9 April 2022 Malaysia time
Being Saturday, my named 'Adventure day' to sort & organize my collection of photographs that support my journals covering a period since I was born and even before, to be shared soon as I organize my photo collections.

Prairie is growing up Super fast!

This journal of her birth has a link found at the bottom of a journal of her oldest cousin Leah here.

To be continued...